Toe Clips or Clipless?

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Re: Toe Clips or Clipless?

Postby Jackson » Thu Feb 25, 2010 6:44 pm

Cool feet is nice but you will have to be concerned with sun burns.
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Re: Toe Clips or Clipless?

Postby Tender Chunks » Thu Feb 25, 2010 9:36 pm

Regarding sunburns, while no socks sounds nice, even on hot days, I mostly use "Smart Wool" socks with the sandals. Just my preference, but I find the bulk of the socks (due to the loft of the wool, or something like that), provides a certain amount of cushioning. It being wool, you can just squirt your waterbottle down there and cool 'em off. Sheep get wet, no problem, so can't hurt the socks. I have also used lighter socks, but seem to find I like the wool socks, usually very short versions of them.

Still, on CO, you can have 100 degree days and end up in a snow storm later in the week, on the same ride. (Not uncommon, actually.) So, you have to be ready for what is coming, and pay attention to the nightly weather prognostication, and come prepared for everything. But on those hot days, the sandals are a wonderful option.
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Re: Toe Clips or Clipless?

Postby Chuck B. » Thu Feb 25, 2010 10:43 pm

Sandals are good on cold days, too. I keep a pair of merino wool boot socks in my duffle bag for just such an eventuality. If it's cold, I let the sandal straps out, slip the boot socks on over my Smartwools, and pedal toastily along...

Regarding long days (from an earlier post): is 108 miles long enough? That was one of the days on the 2007 CO, wore my sandals, did fine. The Lake sandals that I have have a sort of toe guard on the front. The sole turns up a bit to shield your toes from mishaps...

Sandals look kind of goofy, but they really nice to ride in...
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