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About posting links, and spam

PostPosted: Mon Jan 18, 2010 12:46 pm
by admin
I'm cautiously removing the rules against posting links to this forum. In 2007 there was so much spam that the forums crashed. Now, with newer software, we seem to have it under control (fingers crossed). So I'd like to allow links to be posted again, providing of course that they directly relate to Cycle Oregon.

What Curt said in 2007 still is true:
For those who may consider our actions a form of censorship by “big brother”, let me paraphrase part of our mission: “The CO forum is a privately owned discussion service limited to topics concerning Cycle Oregon, and cycling related subjects.” We are aware that you are fully capable of making your own choices regarding what you read and view. Feel free to choose those topics on your own – but not here. The Internet has thousands of such websites. As quickly as this content is discovered on this forum, they will be deleted.

(Curt was the original forum admin, I took over from him in 2008.)
Thanks everyone!
(find me at Rider Services :)