Don't Need No Steenking Electronic Gizmos

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Don't Need No Steenking Electronic Gizmos

Postby Tender Chunks » Tue Aug 10, 2010 7:33 pm

So........ (apologies to Chichester)

My ancient odometer/speedometer Cats Eye-whatever gave up the ghost a while back. I've been riding for a while now this summer without knowing how fast I'm going (exactly), what pace I'm cranking, how far I've gone to the foot. I might add that I don't know and haven't yet known the exact elevation, barometric pressure, GPS coordinates, time in Milan, calories burned since last burrito, blood pressure or lots of other stuff that the usual bike electronics provide.

I recall several years ago a wonderful climb from the hot valley floor (I think from Halfway, OR actually), ending in cresting some high mountain pass with cool pine-scented air, dark blue sky and fluffy white clouds, beauty all around, and the quiet joy of topping out on a long climb. I paused by the elevation sign for a drink, and my ear was caught by two older fellows (also CO riders), with large conspicuous electronics on their recumbents, arguing fairly heatedly as to whether the elevation was 5312 or 5298 feet ASL, (both probably retired Civil Engineers), both asserting they had CALIBRATED their devices, and the other guy was WRONG. Having better things to do, I rolled on down the hill toward camp, enjoying the view and the joy of CO.

So, being the apparently Luddite-inclined type, I am forgoing replacing my Catseye this year. No sensors and wires, no bracket, less weight! No longer will I be going through the almost bipolar fixation on watching the odometer notch up significant digits. 20 miles! 30 miles! 40% finished! 5/6ths of the way! Lunch in 2.39 miles! I'm just gonna ride my hunk of steel down the road, look at the map now and then, (easy to figure out where I am close enough with those good maps) and take all that time I used to spend looking at that little device and take longer looks at the huge yellow-barked Ponderosas in the hills, study the wheat fields with that 100 mile gaze more often, appreciate the wiry legs of the oldsters, and occasional well-turned ankle that comes into view, and otherwise be freed from the tyranny of checking in 20 times a minute with that little screen.
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Re: Don't Need No Steenking Electronic Gizmos

Postby Force 5 Robert » Tue Aug 10, 2010 8:27 pm


I have found keeping my eyes off the speedo = a more enjoyable ride. I run mine primarily for the odo.

In 08 on CO I turned the head unit of mine so I could not see it. Had a lot more fun.

I have though been running my iPhone lately with some GPS apps - but then that is in my bike bag and not visible in-ride. It is fun to see the profile I rode afterwards, but only at that time.

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Re: Don't Need No Steenking Electronic Gizmos

Postby Shifty » Tue Aug 10, 2010 8:59 pm

I'm with you chunks, no batteries for me this year! :lol:

Clip in and let's go!
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