A Dog Named Ajax

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A Dog Named Ajax

Postby On Your Left » Sat Sep 25, 2010 1:01 am

Waitsburg was a superb host town. Moreover, it's a clean tidy place with lots of pride in their lovely town.

Next to our campsite was a woman, her border collies, and sheep. She generously showed off her dogs and their talents; following each demonstration, she cheerfully answered our questions until the last one was answered -- very unassuming, not presumptuous, lack of pretentions. Just good folks from small town quintessential Americana.

Prior to seeing the demonstration, I'd never considered making time to see such. There it was right next door, and too close to ignore. I was captivated watching the doggie Ajax show off his work. Ajax lacked a law firm jersey, but he was handsome, and as competitive as any hammerfiest in the daily peloton.

It's another reminder of the little jewels along the daily routes of Cycle Oregon. The best things are usually those I'm not expecting or planned. It gave a little lens into a local's life and passion.
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