Getting close

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Getting close

Postby johnncarol » Sun Aug 28, 2011 12:28 pm

It is time to start winding down the training and start getting ready to depart. We are doing some walking rather than riding but will do a couple of more training days and then the last week will do some easy spinnng to keep the legs from turning to jello. I will be doing a 75th birthday 75 mile ride on the 3rd but not on the tandem. Pumped up the air matress, no leaks and the pump works with new bateries. Got the duffle bag down and started laying some of the stuff out. Took the sleeping bags out of the stuff sack and put them in the dryer with a shoe to fluff them up. Put a set of new Continental Gran Prix 4000's with heavy duty tubes on the bike. Been having a few shifting problems so took off the Aluminum deraillieur hanger and put on a machined steel one for more stiffness. Cleaned and lubed the chain but decided it could stay on longer even though it has 2,000 miles on it. Sure is nice to have the timing belt instead of chain, no cleaning and it lasts a very long time. Checked for loose spokes, none found. I may yet change my brake pads as they also have 2,000 miles on them. We have deep dish wheels so need 60 mm tube stems and they are not always easy to find, particularly threaded so the pump doesn't slip off, so orderd 6 on the internet. Checked all the bolts on the bike and everything is tight so I guess the only thing left is to pack.

As usual, didn't get our training plan complete but that is OK. We might be a bit slower this year but at our age, it is to be expected, and enjoyed.

See you up the road J:D & C:D on the Green Bay colored tandem.
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