Tent and NO porter

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Re: Tent and NO porter

Postby oregano » Fri Sep 23, 2011 2:36 pm

Quoting from the CO mission statement:
"Cycle Oregon is a non-profit organization dedicated to transforming individuals and communities through bicycling.
Proceeds from the ride go to the Cycle Oregon Fund, which helps preserve and protect the special places of Oregon and supports community development projects in the regions through which we ride."

Is my posting a distortion of CO's mission? I don't think so. This ride is for the communities we ride through. CO tries very hard to please us riders, and they do a fantastic job. But there will be some glitches.

What compelled me to post was the statements about the suitability of the Youth Corps kids for this job. I didn't see any evidence that the kids themselves were the problem; rather, a new T&P management team was struggling with a new, larger responsibility. The fact that the previous T&P leader offered to help points that out.
I didn't say that last year's T&P crew would have failed, and was not insulting them or any previous T&P team. I said that the local wrestling team, faced with a this large task, would probably have struggled as well. My point was that this year's T&P team may not have been up to the job but that blaming the kids themselves made no sense.
And yes, I used some strong language in pointing out that this ride is not about us, the participants; it's about our hosts, the communities that we ride through. CO is to be commended for so consistently hewing closely to the spirit as well as the letter of its mission. So should we as participants.
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Re: Tent and NO porter

Postby raftersteve » Sun Sep 25, 2011 10:13 pm

1) the kids themselves were fine, all seemed hard working. some were having a little fun, but all kids do that. I got to know a few of them from working with them.

2) there were 600 tents in 2010 (i was in 37x and a friend was in 58x last year) it did mot double in size for '11.

- Overall they were just understaffed and poorly managed and did not have a good plan nor the tools needed for getting the job done.
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Re: Tent and NO porter-that's me!

Postby greglee » Wed Sep 28, 2011 4:03 pm

After 14 years of setting up my own tent, I now really enjoy having a tent waiting for me in the volunteer camp. We haul our own bags and in my case I put it on the common bag trailers which is actually quite fun. Some of my best pictures are from interacting with the kids (local host towners)finding and hauling my bag. I just say "has anyone seen the blue bag with the yellow rats on the end". Wham, I got it straight away. Always smiles and hearty thank you when I bid them goodby with a small handful of cash. If some of you TP'ers want to enjoy some wonderful "Cycle Oregon Moments", just haul your own bag on the common trailer and bring your camera. And to the NW Youth Corp, thanks for the hard work and cooperating with me for some nice pictures. I know you learned a bunch and I will hopefuly see you all next year cause I'm coming back for my 18th ride. :D Greg
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