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Funds for Host Communities

PostPosted: Sun Oct 02, 2011 9:43 pm
by Red Zinger
I would enjoy hearing how the communities who hosted this year's Cycle Oregon plan to use the funds they receive for their efforts, if that information is available to us. We had a memorable conversation at breakfast in Riddle with two of their volunteers, really terrific people. They explained that they would use their share to upgrade their church kitchen, because that's where they prepare meals to see that the children in the community get at least one decent meal a day. If they upgrade the kitchen, they can feed more children. It was sad to hear about the plight of that wonderful little community, but it was heartwarming to experience a little of its courage and determination. These people were full of fun too, and really enjoying having Cycle Oregon there and participating in the festivities. As old-timers, we could tell them a little of the Cycle Oregon story, and they said it was really fascinating. We decided on the spot that we want to go back to Riddle and spend more time just visiting with its citizens!

So...I'd love hearing about the other communities too.