Making Registrations More Fair and Interesting

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Making Registrations More Fair and Interesting

Postby funtimes » Wed Sep 19, 2012 6:57 pm

First come, first served is a fair method; however, wouldn't it be more interesting and possibly more fair if Cycle Oregon mixed it up a bit? What are your ideas? Here are a few of mine:

Round One registration on a first come, first served basis, but not all spots, say just 1,500. No wait list established yet.

Run a Round Two later, perhaps in May for another 500 riders, either on a first come or a lottery basis. Start the wait list.

Allow a limited number of registered riders to purchase a transfer voucher (say $50 to go to Oregon State parks) for those who think their registered spouse, friend, colleague won't be able to go (lack of training, work, family demands, etc.) so they can transfer the voucher to someone they would like to travel with or ride with who did not get in. Limit the number of vouchers sold to control the administrative chaos.

Save 50 or so registrations for a contest where the entrants can appeal to a panel of judges by video, slide show or essay or some other creative way. They could be judged on creativity and most compelling reasons for wanting to be selected.

Save another batch of registrations as a random drawing. Can pull from the wait list say in June, before there is really any actual movement of the wait list.

Ok, guess I had some time to think about it last week. :roll:
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Re: Making Registrations More Fair and Interesting

Postby Sam » Wed Sep 19, 2012 8:50 pm

My first thoughts, I have to schedule my vacation a year in advance and would not be interested in waiting until the last minute. Nor would I want to audition for a spot.
And the folks you get in June will not likely have trained sufficiently. And most importantly, I have a group of friends that do the ride as a group - leave the husbands at home and just ride. Without my peeps it wouldn't be the same. Have an open mind for new ideas but . . .
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Re: Making Registrations More Fair and Interesting

Postby Jackson » Wed Sep 19, 2012 8:57 pm

Have a look closer at the profiles before signing up period. Maybe 12-24 hours. This would allow those who attend the kickoff and expo to hang out and talk without having to rush home to log on. Also allow this overseas to sign up during normal awake hours.

Except fewer riders above the 2000 initially making the waiting list more of a viable possibility.

Having an escape clause or a sliding scale for refunds. 30 days, full refund. For each month beyond, loss $100 off registration. Plans change and training varies. This would encourage those who wait until the last minute to drop and allow others in.
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Re: Making Registrations More Fair and Interesting

Postby StarlightPurpleIF » Fri Sep 21, 2012 11:01 am

funtimes wrote:First come, first served is a fair method; however, wouldn't it be more interesting and possibly more fair if...

How would having judges making subjective decisions make it more fair than first come, first served, which you say is already fair?

I do like Jackson's idea of a sliding scale cancellation "penalty." I have a dollar to a donut that says people "bank" spots. After all, $100 spread out over the months between registration and the day you can cancel without forfeiting more than that is around $0.50/day. A lot of people spend a lot more than that on a cup of coffee each day.

I also like the idea of a few days between the route announcement and registration. I would give people time to consider issue like the terrain and distances, the availability of affordable flights and whether one wants to endure long bus rides. I did my first CO in '02--the fun equivalent of the Bataan Death March across the state. IIRC, I didn't register until some time in the late spring or early summer. As quickly as the ride sells out now, I don't think a 48 hr. cooling off period would dampen enthusiasm to the point where the ride does not sell out. And it may even cut down on the administrative work associated with issuing refunds and notifications to people on the waiting list.
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