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Rohith's Pictures

PostPosted: Wed Sep 18, 2013 1:17 am
by RohithG
Another wonderful Cycle Oregon.
I posted my pictures in my smugmug account. No password required.

There are 8 Galleries, one for each day named:

Cycle Oregon 2013 Day0 ..... Cycle Oregon 2013 Day7

Click on a gallery.
To down load, click on an image.
It will appear as a larger image on the right.
When the cursor is over this image, a pull-down menu will appear. At the bottom of this pull-down menu is a file folder. Clicking on this folder will allow you to download the image.
THERE IS NOTHING TO BUY. I use this site just to share images with family and friends.

Please send feedback and keep in touch.

Thank you, and I will see you on next Cycle Oregon.