Packing tips

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Packing tips

Postby mstevens » Thu Sep 06, 2007 8:06 am

Pack so that a football player can throw your bag off the back of a semi yet you end up with dry&clean clothes: (not often, but it happens)
Oh, yeh, and remember that your bag may be at the bottom of the semi when it's packed in the morning. This means that you have about 10 feet of bags on top of yours, and sometimes a football player standing on your bag to get to one that has already been loaded.

Put sqeeze tubes and other squishable gels and liquids in a locking plastic bag. That way if they get squished hard enough to burst, you don't end up with sunblock and toothpaste all over your clothes.

If you pack an electric razor, find that head cover so that the heads don't get damaged and make the razor useless.

Put breakable items in the middle of the bag, surrounded by softer items like clothing to protect them.

And pack a few clothes pins to dry your towel, washcloth, and clothes. Even if you don't wash your clothes, they will be damp, and so you can dry those shorts and jerseys before you pack them away for later washing.

How do I know these things? Been there, didn't do it right the first time! :D
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Postby slv0700 » Thu Sep 06, 2007 9:08 am

And if you have an air pump that you use to blow up your nice
comfortable air matress be sure to remove one battery so it
doesn't accidentally get turned on because some football player
is standing on your bag; happened to me once on the last day
of riding; could have caused a fire, but only melted part of the
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Postby David R » Thu Sep 06, 2007 4:54 pm

My bag must have the words "Place at bottom of stack", every time I come in to camp, there is my bag sitting at the bottom of a 3 bag high stack. I'm sure if I followed it into the semi-trailer I'd find it at the bottom of a 10 bag stack.

On the flip side, its easy to find my bag, I just look at the bottom row.
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