The cat just is shirts

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The cat just is shirts

Postby Routearrows » Sun Sep 16, 2007 5:09 pm

Hello everyone, that was a fantastic week! Even saturdays little spritzle of rain was no big deal. About "The Cat just is" shirts: I made just a few to pass around to my friends and also to give some to John Brooks the maker of our wonderful route maps as well as the source of that quote after I asked him why there was a cat symbol on one of the maps the last two years. I heard from many people that they really liked the criptic nature of the design. As I posted in thursdays CycleOregonian, if anyone is interested in getting a shirt please email me with sizes and quantities and I'll put in an order after all the requests filter in, say two weeks. The cost will be $10 ea plus a buck or two for shipping. My email is: Thanks again to all the riders and staff for being a part of the best CO ever! Randall Braun.
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