Bike Friday: Little Wheels say a Big Thank You!

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Bike Friday: Little Wheels say a Big Thank You!

Postby galfromdownunder » Thu Sep 20, 2007 10:01 am

Thanks so much Cycle Oregon for hosting the Bike Friday 2007 Homecoming. We really appreciated having a spot staked out each day for our quirky 'cult' to stagger into, the yoga tent to do our pagan rituals, and loved having big wheel bikes camp with us and ask all the 'don't you have to pedal more?' questions. We definitely felt more a part of the CO community by staff, volunteers and other riders than back in 2003 ... maybe because wierd Houdini bikes are becoming more common re global oil abatement ...

I even ran into a guy who was test riding your Exec Director's (Jerry Norquist) BF - we know that midnight blue Friday from a mile away!

Since URL's are not allowed in this forum anymore, those who want to read my 'full monty media' report (words, photo galley, 4 movies) for Bike Friday can do so by going to the BF website, and then /cycleoregon.


and click on 07. There is no Viagra for sale there, just folding bikes.

Again, really enjoyed meeting so many friendly riders. But did Jonathan mean it was to be *the* or *his* LAST CO or but there's one more? People are still debating what they heard!

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