Training Indoors

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Training Indoors

Postby straightspoke » Sun May 11, 2014 5:47 pm

Some training we do because it’s fun, easy, and feels good. But some we do because we need to, whether it’s fun or not. While indoor training isn’t necessarily required, it would be difficult for me to imagine getting ready for CO without spending a chunk of time on an indoor trainer at the gym or at home.
Investing in quality equipment could improve your odds of getting the required training hours in before September. My wife and I have used our Schwinn spinning cycle a ton over the last several years, and it has turned out to have been a worthwhile expenditure for us.
And, if you have felt a bit timid about setting up something at home, there’s no need to feel alone. Check out this website to get a glimpse of about a zillion variations on the theme:

While you’re checking that out, look into the training videos they (“The Sufferfest”) offer. The one I downloaded is great.
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Re: Training Indoors

Postby mytrot » Mon May 12, 2014 12:57 pm

If you are a fair-weather rider like me it is very necessary. I invested in a Kurt Kinetic Road Machine. At the time one of the best for matching road speed to trainer speed. 500-1000 miles a year on it and it really helps.

Note that some bike manufacturers do not recommend putting carbon bikes on trainers.

I know many don't like trainers. I put on some bad TV and pay attention when I can! Bad action movies provide great ups and downs!

A fan is a necessity!

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