The Psychilists- any video

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The Psychilists- any video

Postby tim walton » Wed Sep 17, 2014 2:08 am

What an amazing ride. What an amazing week. Best ride of the 13 or 14 I've done!
Amazing scenery, weather, people and CO organization.
The Psychilists played Weds. evening in Madras after the Bike Rodeo. We are 4 veteran CO riders from all 4 corners of the USA. Better still we are 4 close friends who love what CO represents.
Living so far apart from one another made rehearsals impossible.
But I'm wondering- does anyone have any video of the show they'd be willing to share with me?
It'd be fun to look at some video of my friends and I playing that show this winter when those cold north winds begin to blow….
tim walton
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