Debating on Attending

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Re: Debating on Attending

Postby Jackson » Sat Aug 20, 2016 9:48 pm

Registration closes on August 21st. If you want in , now is the time. You'll be riding with approximately 2100 riders. Course opens at 6:30 AM and most days closes at 6:30 PM. Option and last day have different times. Course may also close early if most of the riders have finished early. Few riders early, the pack heads out around 7:30 with stragglers following no later than 8:30. Baggage trucks leave camp for the finish at 8:45 AM.

Average age varies every year between 10-78. This years rides will represent 48 states and 8 countries.
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Re: Debating on Attending

Postby mfirth » Mon Aug 29, 2016 4:06 pm

Thanks again to everyone for the help and words of encouragement, I can't wait to see everyone out there! I'll be the middle 20's guy with a decently long beard riding a red Fuji, come say hi if you spot me ever!

I have a rain jacket that will work, but need to get some booties for my shoes as I hate wet feet/shoes while riding.

I arrived in the Eugene area a week ago and have put 5 rides in already, and boy they sure do make hills different out west than they do in the mid-west ha. But they are starting to get easier and easier, so hopefully in a couple weeks I will be ready for them on days 2 and 5.

I just read through the 3 guides again and am starting to get real excited!
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