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2012 Farm-to-Farm Century. Saturday September 15

PostPosted: Wed Aug 22, 2012 10:47 am
by Brian C
2012 Farm-to-Farm Century. Saturday September 15

Will be there for the second annual Farm-to-Farm century. Last years first time event turned out to be a nice ride

Start/Finish at Monroe Legion Hall, Monroe, Oregon on Saturday, September 15, 2012. Monroe is located South of Corvallis between Corvallis and Eugene, OR.

A nice course that takes in some of the roads used in the Alpine Century offered up earlier this year. 2500+ feet of total elevation gain.

The opening 23 miles takes riders along South Fork Road out of Monroe/Alpine. This road offers up one 9+% climb of about 2 or so miles at about mile 10 or so and then after that its easy roads through thick forests in the coast range and finishes up just outside of Alsea for your first rest stop.

Then you climb over Alsea Pass on Alsea Hwy as you head north to Corvallis. The climb is about 2 miles at 6%.

Once over the pass you are done with the major climbing as you go through Corvallis, then head south along Peoria Road, pass through the town of Harrisburg and return north to Monroe along Territoral Highway.

All of the roads after crossing Alsea Pass are flat with some occassional small rollers but nothing to speak of and take in farms views for miles around. The only issue would be if the winds are up and typically are blowing South to North like they were last year. This can make for tough Southbound riding to Harrisburg.

Rests stops after Alsea are in Philomath, one along Peoria Road and one South of Harrisburg. They are farms and all offer organic food to refuel, a very nice touch.

Once finshed you can get post ride food at the Legion Hall so no one goes away hungry.

All in all this is a nice century with good organic farm grown food and quiet roads that offer up a mix of thick forests at the beginning, and wide open farms at the end.

Re: 2012 Farm-to-Farm Century. Saturday September 15

PostPosted: Sun Sep 16, 2012 12:22 pm
by Brian C
Finished my second and the second annual Farm-To-Farm Century on Saturday September 16th.

The weather started out cool but warmed up nicely and never really got to hot.

The 1-mile grunt of a climb at mile 7.5 along South Fork Road heated everyone up as this climb hits 13+% in several spots and averages 10+% the entire way. Ouch.

Once over the top it was smooth sailing all the way to Alsea. We fueled up at the first of 4 farm rest stops and then took on the 2-mile climb to the Alsea summit on Hwy 34.

After this it was really nice farm roads in and out of Corvallis, South to Harrisburg and North back to Monroe.
We had very nice tailwinds this year South along Peoria road that pushed us along at 18 to 20 MPH unlike the headwinds last year that just wore me down.

Headwinds heading North back to Monroe made for having to work along Territorial Hwy and its 7 small climbs but all in all it was not too bad.

Nice friendly people at all the rest stops and farm fresh food added up to 150 of us enjoying the ride.

Up next, The Peach of a Century