Pioneer Century, June 1st, 2013

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Pioneer Century, June 1st, 2013

Postby Brian C » Mon May 06, 2013 7:24 am

Goes out of Canby, Oregon fairgrounds. Course opens at 7AM

5 distances of 32, 45, 55, 77 and 100 miles with all routes starting and ending at the Canby Fairgrounds. Do the 55 and 45 miles loops in this order for the full century or you can mix and match depending on how you feel.

$32.00 pre-registration (members), $37.00 (non-members). You can also register on the day of the ride. Includes a full lunch of good fajitas at the Canby Fairgrounds where all routes meet for lunch. There is also your standard rest stop food at the fairgrounds for those who don't want a full lunch.

Rest stops on all routes assure you that you won't go hungry or thirsty no matter what course you choose.

4414 feet of climbing for the century, with the vast majority of the climbing on the 55 mile loop and compacted around Molalla and the surrounding hills. You explore the hills via Sawtell Road and its 6+% climb with the rest stop about 2 miles into the climb at about mile 21. Then continue to the summit for about another mile with rollers to the top. From there you encounter more rollers, some short and steep, and then numerous and fast and winding downhills, with a few ups, for the next 6 to 8 miles or so until you reach the valley floor.

Once on the valley floor its flat riding along farmlands with another rest stop about 12 or so miles before the fairgrounds for more fuel.
Have lunch at the fairgrounds and then go out on the 45-mile loop which explores the valley roads around Champoeg Park, St Paul, Donald, and surrounding communities. This loop is mostly flat with some minor hills by Champoeg Park and a few more on the return to Canby. Nothing hard. If you did the Monster Cookie Metric Century, this loop takes in similiar roads in that region. There is one rest stop on this loop in St Paul, the halfway point of the 45-miles.

Wind can be a big factor on this loop as you are out in the open and typically the winds pick up later in the day.
Good Riding

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