Petal Pedal June 15, 2013

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Petal Pedal June 15, 2013

Postby Brian C » Thu May 16, 2013 8:59 am

The Oregon Garden
879 W. Main Street
Silverton, Oregon

$71.50 advance registration before June 13th.

Having never done this as it has clashed with the Tour De Blast in years past, we thought we would give this one a try since the Tour De Blast now goes off in September to avoid the rain fest it has become to be known as.

3 distances of 100, 62 or 30 miles

The century is advertised as 4906 feet of total elevation gain. The bulk of the climbing being right out of the gate as the course takes us up to Silver Falls State Park. We have been up there several times with rides in the past. The climbs average around 3 to 6% and can vary in lengths from 1 to 4 miles. Once at the top you deal with numerous ups and down throughout the park until around mile 25 and from then on its down out of the park and flat farm roads for the remainder of the ride taking in roads East of Salem, Woodland, Silverton, and small towns spaced throughout. These roads are easy to ride on, usually low in traffic, and if the winds are not too bad, nice to enjoy. Standard rest stops with food/fuel, with breakfast and dinner included before and after the ride.

We'll see how it goes
Good Riding

Brian C
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