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Peach of a Century. Sunday September 23rd

PostPosted: Thu Aug 30, 2007 8:28 am
by Brian C
Peach of a Century. Sunday September 23th
100 and 62 mile Metric Century offered
Both routes start and end at Chemeketa Community College in Salem.

Traditionally one of the last centuries offered in the Portland Metro area. 3 rest stops with food, water, sports drinks etc.

I will be there for my 10th. A very nice and easy near end of season ride to reflect back on your rides of this past year. This century is almost all flat. The only climbing occurs at about mile 65 or so, a 2 mile climb of about 3 to 5% not hard, and two short climbs at about mile 85 or so after rest stop #3. There are other rollers and such between rest stops 1 and 2 but nothing of note.

The roads are very quiet and for those who are familiar with the Covered Bridge Bicycle Tour and Strawberry Century, some of the roads for these rides are shared with the Peach, and the same 50 mile rest stop at Roaring River State Park.

This is nice ride to wind down your season with.

PostPosted: Fri Sep 21, 2007 8:09 am
by Brian C
A new course this year for the Peach after looking at the Salem Bike Club web-site. The first 25-miles is the same as in the past but from then on we enter new roads starting at mile 42.

From here we explore a new course through areas of Stayton, (where the old Century Rest Stop #3 used to be), Silver Falls Hwy, Silverton, Mt Angel and then return to Chemeketa Community College from the North instead of the South as in years past.

A total of 2220 feet of climbing according to the route profile with the bulk of the climbing (1220 feet) between rest stops 2 and 3, Stayton to Mt Angel and skirting the hills of Silver Falls State Park.

So after 9-years of the (old) traditional course, my 10th Peach will offer up new roads and views to explore as the Salem Bike Club serves up a change to their Peach of a Century ride.

Should be interesting to see how this "new" course plays out.

PostPosted: Mon Sep 24, 2007 7:01 am
by Brian C
Salem Bike Club decided to change its Peach of a Century Course and I was there for my 10th to see how this change was going to play out. The change included more climbing just to make this traditional late season century that much more interesting.

A cool overcast morning greeted big crowds to see how this new course would play out. The climbing stated on the first leg as they took us over Parrish Gap Road and its numerous short climbs instead of the flat fast 1st leg into Jefferson along the farm roads East of Jefferson.

Next up came leg #2 which went in an entirely new direction, North, from Hungry Hill road to Stayton and rest stop #2. We no longer took the easy roads to the Roaring River State Park. Instead we climbed the sort but quite steep Miller Cemetery Road and then its rollers after this initial grunt to the top.

Now came leg #3 and the bulk of the climbing from Stayton to Mt Angel. We ventured off to the hills around Silver Falls State Park via Cascade Hwy/Silver Falls Hwy and its numerous false flats and uphill grinds, and then Victor Point Road with its 5-miles of ups and downs with plenty of short steep guys and long uphill drags to keep things interesting

Once we descended into Silverton we cycled the rest of this entirely new course in the flat farmlands North of Salem and our return to the College.

This was a major change to the flat easy 5-hour or so Peach Centuries of the past, but the hills were not excessively challenging and the course offered up enough flats to make this a very nice and welcome change.

The only thing I noticed was the 32-mile gap from rest stop 1 and 2, and the 30-mile gap from rest stop 2 and 3. This seemed long so you needed to fuel up to avoid having your tank run dry.

All in all good weather, a more challenging course, and new roads to explore for this late season century. Nice job Salem.

Our season ends with the Harvest Century Sunday October 7th.