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MS150 in Sweet Home and Firecracker 100 in Bend area

PostPosted: Wed Jul 02, 2008 12:52 pm
by dunshay04
On the 4th of July WebCyclery is hosting the Firecracker 100 (metric century) that starts in Alfalfa, rides up to and crosses Bowman Dam at Prineville Reservoir, down the canyon to Prineville and back to Alfalfa a different way. Has anyone done this ride before? If so, what are your comments. Is anyone planning an participating this year?

Is anyone doing the MS150 that starts in Sweet Home the weekend of July 18th? Is there a team that I can join? Wasn't this ride in and around Hillsboro last year? I seem to recall the riders going up the Wilsonville Highway from Newberg. I live in Newberg and wouldn't ride that road if my life depended on it -- too curvy and too many crazy drivers with no shoulder or room for error. I'm not that familiar with the roads around Sweet Home so I hope they don't put the riders in a similar situation.


Report on Firecracker 100

PostPosted: Sat Jul 05, 2008 10:49 pm
by dunshay04
Didn't have anything on the calendar so we decided to head over to Bend for the Firecracker 100 on the 4th. My husband isn't a rider so he was acting as my own personal SAG wagon and boy was I glad.

As the online information at wasn't very informative I called them for more info prior to heading over. What they told me sure wasn't the case.

The ride started in Alfalfa in the small gravel parking lot of the power substation with one porta potty (not sure how many riders but the line formed fast).

The ride headed up to Bowman dam at Prineville Reservoir (approx 17 miles). Webcyclery said there wouldn't be any restroom facilities or food (both true) but there would be a SAG wagon with water (false). Thankfully my husband was at the dam with cold water and Gaterade. A campground farther down the road provided an outhouse and there were plenty of Juniper trees a long the way.

From the dam to Prineville was another 17 miles and the only official rest stop (35 miles into the ride before water was offered) with bathrooms and supposedly food. Problem, I'm a slow rider and everything was gone. But thankfully there was my husband once again with food, water and more Gatorade.

Then came the climb up out of Prineville as we headed to the next water stop at a fire station around the 51 mile marker. Problem, water jugs were sitting in the direct sunlight in the middle of the hot parking lot. No one was there except for my husband who picked me up and took me back to Bend. We decided it wasn't worth finishing the ride.

A couple of times we saw two different vehicles that we think were SAG vehicles that were part of the event but we weren't sure. One was an older Datsun type pick-up that had its hazard lights on and the other was a bigger white pick-up with decals on it (like it was a vehicle used for a business). There was nothing on either vehicle to indicate they were part of the event (like a sign or a magnet) so we weren't sure whether they were "official" SAG wagons or people acting as personal SAG wagons like my husband was.

The ride only cost $15 but I don't think it was worth $1. I didn't get one thing from the ride other than the mileage which I could have done on my own. It was great to get over to Central Oregon though.

Comments on MS Bike Ride

PostPosted: Mon Jul 21, 2008 12:56 pm
by dunshay04
This past weekend I participated in the two day MS Bike Ride centered out of Sweet Home, Oregon. This was a wonderfully organized event with many options to pick from (mileage wise). Roads were less traveled with wide shoulders and good pavement. Rest stops were at the perfect distance and well stocked. All volunteers and people associated with the National MS Society were wonderful. Fellow riders were friendly and life in camp was a joy. I'll definitely return next year and would strongly encourage others to participate. In addition to supporting a wonderful cause it was great training for CO -- two days on the bike with some good hill climbing on day 2. Can't beat that.

PostPosted: Mon Jul 21, 2008 10:22 pm
by slv0700
I also did the MS ride too. That was a great ride. I did the 80 miler and the 60 the 2nd day. That twisty hill the first day, 9-12% was a lung tester!
and the Holly Rd coming back was fun......good hill training. I had a personal sagger also....wonder where it will be next year. I am doing the
CO weekend but not the week one this year.