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Golden Valley Bike Pedal

PostPosted: Tue Sep 02, 2008 8:51 pm
by Brian C
Goldendale, WA. September 20th

100, 65 and 35 miles

Having done the, Bike for the Health of It, out of Goldendale last year I thought I would give this ride a first time try.

The century takes you from Goldendale to Glenwood and back with a loop around the Klickitat valley. Around 4800 feet of elevation gain with a climb down and up in the Glenwood canyon. You do it going out and back. Both climbs are around 1000 feet each way.

This country offers wide open views of the Northern Cascades, Mt Baker and rolling hills.

The one constant of cycling in this area is the strong West to East Gorge Winds that can be brutal at times and managable at others.

Multiple rest stops on the century that includes a lunch.

PostPosted: Mon Sep 22, 2008 6:38 am
by Brian C
About 13 to 20 or so of us showed up for this event with 2 of us taking on the century option Saturday, the 20th.

The course was challenging but rewarded us with incredible views in the Glenwood Canyon with cliffs that dropped straight down for over 1000 feet, as the road snaked along the edge of the cliffs. Numerous viewpoints offered up spectacular views.

Along with this were super support people that kept in constant contact with us. Little if any traffic allowed us to enjoy the wildlife of groups of deer out for early morning walks.

Weather played a big part in me not finishing the century as a cold front moved in just after I left Glenwood on my return trip out of the Glenwood canyon. Rain and cold wind, along with my losing one of my leg warmers some where along the course when I took them off, and not having a rain jacket, heck, when does it ever rain in Goldendale?, had me choose to sag back rather than deal with this stuff. So 56 miles was my final tally.

This was a nice course and being familiar with the roads West of Goldendale the addition of the Glenwood Canyon section made for super views and challenging climbs.

If this ride is offered again, I will return to challenge this course again, and plan for whatever weather comes along.

Up next, the Peach of a Century