Mt Adams Country Bicycle Tour. July 11th

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Mt Adams Country Bicycle Tour. July 11th

Postby Brian C » Tue Jul 07, 2009 8:26 pm

Saturday July 11th.
Sorry for the late notice.

I’m going back for my 3rd time with this one.
A beautiful ride with incredible views of Mt Adams and the surrounding mountain peaks. Two loops for this tour. Combine them both for a full century. A 54-miler into the mountains and a 51-miler in rolling country side. There is also an 11-mile family route.

For the century you do the mountain loop first. Climbing begins right away at 2.5 miles into the loop. The first 2+ miles of this climb averages 6+% but then the remaining 12 miles is not bad with gradients of around 3 to 4% average and numerous easy relatively false flat sections. All the while you are in thick forests and then it opens up for the last 3 or 4 miles with amazing views of Mt Adams that is so close you feel like you could touch the mountain.

Screaming downhills from the summit until a rest stop at about 22 miles.
More downhills after this and then a left on forest road 88 and a 6.8 mile steady climb at about 6+% with several sections of packed dirt that you need to be careful on. A rest stop at the top and then rolling roads for the next 3.2 miles until you bomb down to Trout Lake on a wonderful wide twisting road with a surface as smooth as glass.

Now you refuel at the convience store with a lunch coupon given you at the start and then proceed onto the 51 mile loop. A freewheel 11-mile ride to BZ Corner wheere even with the traditional headwinds you barely put pressure on the cranks and speed along at 20+ MPH. A left turn takes you on a 2-mile climb at 6% to a rest stop at the top.

Now a short 1 mile or so section of flats and then the toughest climb of the course, 2.8-miles at 8%. From here it’s mostly flat with wonderful views of Mt Adams and the surrounding country to the next rest stop in Glenwood. This is a long section that seems to go on and on but the views are worth it.

Then 20+-miles back to the school with 3 short but steep climbs that do test you until you bomb down a steep grade to the flat roads around Trout Lake and wind your way to the end.

Most of this ride is at elevations from 2200 feet to 3900+ feet with mountains all around.

Burgers, dogs, sausages, etc., finish up this challenging ride.

Advertised as 6500 to 7000 ft of climbing.

Worth the trip to Trout Lake. You will love the scenery.
Good Riding

Brian C
Brian C
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Re: Mt Adams Country Bicycle Tour. July 11th

Postby Brian C » Wed Jul 15, 2009 8:45 pm

A nice and somewhat warm MT Adams Bicycle Tour was had by all this past Saturday.

A semi-cool morning greated us early starters as we hit the Forest Loop Course at 7AM. The 14-mile climb heated you up but no too bad and there was an un-manned water stop at the top of the climb to help. Wonderful views of Mt Adams helped us deal with the climb.

Between rest stop #1 at mile 21 and rest stop #2 at the top of the 10-mile climb to mile 40 there were 3 un-paved sections that had me walk them as the rocks, gravel, and pot holes were not worth tying to ride over. Thankfully these sections were short.

The 10 mile downhill back to the school was fast and fun and then lunch.

Now more downhill to BC Corner at 20+ MPH and a 2-mile climb up Glenwood Hwy to another un-manned water stop at the top. Thank goodness these water stops were on the course as the heat was really beginning to climb.

The hardest climb awaited after this, a 2.8 mile 8+% beast that hurt but food awaited at the top for us.

Now on to rest stop #3 and more food and then the final 17 miles and its three short steep climbs until the screaming downhill and flats around Trout Lake was all that remained.

Even though it got hot it was not a barn burner and this turned out to be a fun ride.

200 of us showed up for a good time.

Next up, the Blackberry bRamble
Good Riding

Brian C
Brian C
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