The story behind the Big Stuffed Bear

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The story behind the Big Stuffed Bear

Postby Im@the beach » Thu Sep 25, 2008 10:30 am

HIs name is Boozer. He's a well traveled Bear. His story started years ago as promotional item from the Carter administration, when brother Billy Carter needed to promote Billy Beer and so the Billy Beer Bears were created.

Over the years he's gone into rehab (lost his can), helped with outreach into remote locations with social service causes, been the best friend to an occasional puppy or kitten and now enjoys his time of leasure playing chess with another bear or traveling on events.

Those who met him engaged in an odd version of "Where's Waldo" as he changed location, even appearance from day to day. I know there are a ton of photos out there, so if you read this and can post a photo of Boozer, lets have some fun with it. Post a photo and give it a caption. Here is where he was:

Day 1- Drinking coffee at stop 1, planning his week
Day 2 - Riding his bike casually around the rest stop area
Day 3 - Atop one of the Sanicans in a red top hat (this made the paper)
Day 4 - Driving the truck at the bottom of Hells Canyon
Day 5 - Serious bike riding - Jersey, helmet and gloves, sign proclaiming "No SAG!"
Day 6 - Exhausted, think I'll SAG all day (THANKS SAG 7!!)
Day 7 - Cleverly Disguised as a Responsible Adult

We had fun with him and so did many of you. Life is too short not to enjoy occasional whimsy.

John, Kelly & Boozer
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