Computer failure

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Computer failure

Postby Scandium 52 » Wed Sep 23, 2009 10:42 am

:?: Did anyone have any mysterious State of Jefferson electronic anomalies?

My son and I both have VDO 3C ds wireless computers. Both failed to work (mine after day one, and my son's after day three). We returned home and they are still inoperable. (yes, I did replace all batteries, etc.)

At first I cared about my speed, average speed, cadence, mileage and so on- and then it dawned on me that this was an opportunity to further disconnect from all those numbers, and look around and "sight see, take pictures, smell the smells and hear the sounds" and rejoice and enjoy!! 8)

Thank You Cycle Oregon
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Re: Computer failure

Postby Tender Chunks » Wed Sep 23, 2009 7:05 pm

A couple of years ago, my ecamera died on the second day. It was liberating. I still stopped to take in the views, but just burning the images on ye olde retinas, not futzing with a camera. I observed some of the complex electronics on some bikes this year, and just think to myself "good thing to let boys have their toys, keeps them busy and out of mischief!" Riding as a luddite, one relies on very low tech notions like remembering things, and just generally living in the moment. I also recall several years ago, at the summit of a lllonnngg climb, happily reaching the top, and hearing two CO types having a heated argument about whether the elevation was 5,342 or 5,348 feet, or some such totally irrelevant crapola. Much technology only comes between you and the ability to experience it on a gut level. Of course, I dive into the geology and limnology, watch the character of the trees and understory change through the day, and otherwise obsess about my own little sphere of interests, so maybe I'm in the same boat. Generally, though, I adhere to the idea that less is more.

The natural world category highlight of my trip this year was probably looking down at my feet while on the road coming out of Happy Camp, and seeing a huge mustard colored lizard, maybe 18" long nose to tail, running along the road parallel to and just a foot away from my bike. Any lizard experts out there who know what this species might have been?
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Re: Computer failure

Postby StarlightPurpleIF » Thu Sep 24, 2009 11:33 am

The truth is out there. :D
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