Buy LuxuryLite cot, support Cycle Oregon Foundation

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Buy LuxuryLite cot, support Cycle Oregon Foundation

Postby Tender Chunks » Fri Feb 10, 2012 8:45 pm


Once again, Cycle Oregon has authorized us to sell ultralight cots as a means to raise funds for Cycle Oregon Fund. Over the last 4 years this has resulted in several thousand dollars donation to the Fund, thanks to riders who have purchased these cots through this forum.

Many Cycle Oregonians have discovered LuxuryLite cots for ultimate sleeping comfort in a small 2.5# package. Easy to set up. Two cots pack in the same space - clever, high tech design. If you want to extend your sleeping on the ground period well into geezerhood, get in touch. We sell these cots for the same price as LuxuryLite online - ie, $220, with free shipping in the US. Of that amount, $40 is donated to Cycle Oregon Foundation. (You get to take the charitable donation credit.) Full lifetime warranty service from LuxuryLite.

For even more comfort, we also offer the Cool Mat from Luxury Lite for $70, a lightweight pad which fastens to the cot via velcro - won't slip out of place. Due to these cots' unique design, a Thermorest-type pad is overkill; these pads are the perfect complement, and together with the cot make an ideal sleep system. Many of these cots have been in use on CO for 8 or more years. (I've used mine on CO for the last 7 years, and wouldn't ride without it.) You sleep suspended a few inches above the ground, with no pressure points at your hips or anywhere - even sleeping on your side. A few sticks, pine cones or meadow muffins under the tent (or water from a big rainstorm)? You float above it all, like sleeping on air. When not lying on it, flip it up against the tent wall, and you have the use of all of your tent, unlike an inflato mattress.

For each Cool Mat, we donate $10 to CO Fund. This year, if you buy a cot and pad together, $65 will be donated to COF. If you're interested, PM or email me thru this forum, and we'll fix you up. For a video showing easy set up, search for "Luxury Lite cot" on YouTube.

Happy riding -
Gordon from Eugene
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